Consulting Examples

Federal: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

  • AZ: planning, design, and training for multiple field offices and personnel on riparian restoration and upland wildlife habitat management
  • NM: Coordination with NM state biologist on riparian conservation plans, environmental compliance, and Endangered Species Act
  • NV: federal contract to train state biologist and field staff on biological planning and conduct spring development inventory and design


  • Arizona Game and Fish Department
    • Inventory, planning, and design of Riparian restoration on private lands
    • Training new Specialists for the Landowner Incentive Program
  • New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts
    • Inspect proposed projects for compliance with the Endangered Species Act throughout New Mexico
    • Design fish passage for irrigation headgate structure replacement on Mimbres River
    • Conduct Chiricahua Leopard Frog Surveys
    • Assist the NM Game and Fish Department on Chihuahua Chub surveys


  • Yavapai Apache Tribe:
    • Biological Assessment for hot asphalt plant
    • Conservation plan for riparian restoration along Josephine Wash
  • Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT): Conservation plan for riparian restoration along Colorado River, guidance on raptor pole design
  • Riparian site evaluation and planning guidance to San Carlos Apache Tribe


  • Training to Northern Arizona University (NAU) field crew on surveying methods and fluvial geomorphology descriptions of stream channels for New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse study.
  • Guidance and product editing for an NAU-based team developing multi-species habitat evaluation models.
  • Project development and coordination of University of Arizona study on grazing effects on riparian systems and Southwestern willow flycatcher habitat.
  • Peregrine falcon monitoring on the San Juan River for NAU.

Inventory and effects determination of rehabilitating springs for livestock and wildlife water

Evaluating effects to wetland habitats from proposed ditch replacement in northern NM

An endangered Chihuahua chub captured from Mimbres River in NM

Determining effects of proposed land leveling and irrigation pipeline on adjacent wildlife habitat next to Gila River in NM

Evaluating effects on the adjacent river from replacing a concrete ditch with an underground pipeline

Chiricahua leopard frog

Guidance and design for retrofitting livestock water troughs to be usable and safe for wildlife